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Aéde is a Sydney-based wellness brand offering bespoke, Australian-made supplements to improve hair, skin and nail health.

Combining their extensive experience in the haircare industry, Aéde’s founders sought to revolutionise this area of the supplement space. They understood that while topical products work well to assist hair health, real, sustainable change needs to begin from within. Most importantly, they understood growing customer needs and believed in their ability to meet them in creating a unique solution. After more than two years of intensive research and development, Aéde’s first supplement Hair Activist was born; a pure, active and proven formulation specifically designed to assist hair, skin and nail health.

The brand’s growing range of wellness supplements are created by a collective of award-winning industry experts, each crafted using effective, scientifically-proven and high quality ingredients. They’re honest about what goes into their products, avoiding unnecessary additives and jargon in how they are presented to you. Put simply, Aéde only include the kind your body loves, like potent antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. Committed to fostering a culture of diversity and inclusivity, Aéde’s key focus is in creating targeted supplements rooted in the tenets of self-love, honesty and uncompromising quality. They believe wellness is personal and ever-evolving. So, while your path is unique to you, Aéde invite you to join them on a journey of transformation from the inside out, and hope to inspire you along the way.

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