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Founded in 1990, Biolage has remained a recognisable force in the haircare industry, pioneering a haircare brand with an emphasis on natural ingredients and sustainability.

Using the power of nature, Biolage focus on protecting, moisturising and nourishing your hair with their extensive ranges of shampoo and conditioner, plus intensive and targeted hair care treatments.

The experts behind Biolage have long known the damage harsh chemicals can wreak on hair, which is why their formulations only use natural ingredients that are high-performance and perfect for a range of hair care needs.

Whether your hair is dry, colour-treated or frizzy, Biolage has a product specially designed to restore your hair to its natural splendour, without the cost! These professionally designed products are used widely at home and in salons, positioning Biolage as a leader in the natural haircare industry.

An eco-friendly brand, sustainability is another primary goal of Biolage and its products. With sustainable packaging and clean, natural products, Biolage’s mission to help the environment is well ahead of the curve.
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